EAST OF EGYPT is the Raqs Salaam Dance Theater's 13th Annual Showcase on Saturday, November 18 at 7:30 pm. This 2 hour show will feature over 70 adult dancers performing dance styles from Iraq, Persia (two different styles), Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, India's Bollywood, Egypt and more! This show is an Upper Valley tradition - family-friendly, entertaining, educational, empowering, inspirational and timely in its message of celebrating the cultures of the Middle East and beyond. We are delighted that students from the Dothan Brook School will be joining us for a special contemporary American/Indian Bhangra dance fusion piece too!  Reserved seating tickets are available by calling the Lebanon Opera House at 603-448-0400 or going to http://lebanonoperahouse.org/event/details/east-of-egypt/



MONDAY, JULY 31, 5:30-7 PM  


Register HERE - $36.50 with Paypal only - no cash or checks

Persia, bordering Central Asia and the Middle East, is the home of Classical Persian Dance. This dance style is a fluid yet rhythmic dance form, which emphasizes the use of hands and wrists. The movement and positioning of the body reflect the rich and refined aesthetics of Persian culture. 

This workshop is a multi-level event, appropriate for those who have never taken Classical Persian dance and those who have. 

1. You will get a definite flavor for what distinguishes Classical Persian from other forms of dance.
2. You will learn more about the graceful use of hands and arms. 
3. Shahrzad is a super clear teacher with light and friendly, yet direct energy. Time is well-used and you will be both supported and challenged. 

If you are an advanced dancer, I don't need to answer the question, but I will. Shahrzad is THE master and you will pick up more than you dreamed by learning from her. Soak up every scintilla!!

While learning a beautiful combination, we will focus on Persian dance technique, exploring: 
- the elegant bodyline which reflects the rich and refined aesthetics of Persian culture
- smooth, organic transitions within movement patterns, and other integral elements of Persian dance
- the embodiment of dynamic nuances in Persian music


Shahrzad Khorsandi was born and raised in Iran, and has been passionately involved in dance since childhood. She studied Dance and Performance Art at the California Institute of the Arts, and she holds a BA in Dance, and an MA in Creative Arts from San Francisco State University. Her dance training includes Modern, Jazz, Ballet, West African, Afro-Haitian, Congolese, and an introduction to Senegalese, Balinese and Flamenco.

Drawing upon her deep familiarity of authentic Persian dance, her formal dance training, and her intrinsic knowledge of Persian aesthetics, Shahrzad, a pioneer in Persian dance, has created a formalized dance vocabulary and structure for Persian dance, helping in the artistic development and dissemination of an art form that continues to face social and political obstacles. She has documented this format in a book, The Art of Persian Dance, which was published in February of 2015. She has also produced several instructional and performance DVDs in Persian dance.

Her system includes the introduction of fundamental Persian body positions and movement, categorization and designation of nomenclature to movements, assembly of movement into choreographed phrases, and composition of dance pieces woven intricately with Persian music. Her unique approach to creating Persian dance pieces has prompted her to identify her dance style as Contemporary Persian Ballet.

Learn more at Shahrzad’s website, www.dancepersian.org, and her company Facebook page, www.facebook.com/shahrzaddancecompany.

They Called Us Gypsies

Our 12th Annual Middle Eastern and American Belly Dance Showcase! This year’s show focuses on the journey from India to Spain, featuring dances from Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Bollywood, and so much more. Special guests Flamenco Boston will perform live Spanish music and dance. The Raqs Salaam Dance Theater’s 12th Showcase pays tribute to the dancers whose ancestors traveled from India long ago, deconstructing the term “gypsy”, and honoring the true identities and origins of these special people. This is a family-friendly show with delights for young and old, including giveaways, comedy and audience participation.

 Belly Dance and Beyond

Gina Capossela and The Raqs Salaam Dance Theater present their 11th Annual Middle Eastern and American Belly Dance Showcase, Belly Dance and Beyond. This year’s theme spans four continents from North America to South America and North Africa to Asia. We also welcome special guests, Dancer’s Corner Dance Company. Enjoy a two hour show featuring Egyptian, Moroccan, and American Belly Dance, as well as Indian Bhangra, Brazilian Samba, Ballet, 60’s Go Go and modern Hip Hop. For tickets, please visit www.lebanonoperahouse.org

Viva La Difference
with Artemis Mourat and Yasmin Henkesh
An Intensive Comparison of Egyptian and Turkish Oriental Dance

Saturday and Sunday, May 24 & 25, 2014


10th Anniversary Showcase

Join Gina Capossela and The Raqs Salaam Dance Theater for their 10th Anniversary Middle Eastern and American Belly Dance Showcase. With an unprecedented 80 performers, this year’s show features Persian, Tunisian, Egyptian, and Tarantella dances, as well as the dances of the Turkish Roma, American Belly Dance and much more. Enjoy the music of Middle Eastern Ensemble, Okbari, and open floor dancing for the audience during intermission. Don't miss the special performance by the women of Okinawan Karate Academy! The 10th Anniversary Showcase is a tribute to the Images of the Divine Feminine, with inspiration and entertainment for the whole family.

Ancient Dance of the Spider Bite
Tarantella Dance Workshops with Alessandra Belloni
June 1-2, 2013

Alessandra Tamburello

Persian Dance Workshop with Shahrzad Khorsandi
February 24, 2013


Showcase 2


Gina's 7th Annual