LogoIntermediate Veil Choreography – Hanover

WHERE: Hanover Rec Center, Hanover
TIME: 5:45-7:15 (90 minutes)
When: Tuesdays, June 27- August 29 (no class July 4 and July 11)



This class is a clone of Monday 7:15 pm in Royalton and the two classes can be attended interchangeably..  This class is designed to teach veil skills as well as a choreography.   Learning to dance with the veil is part of the Intermediate curriculum and has measurable benefits to dancers in terms of grace, posture, arm and upper body carriage.  Learning to dance with the veil confers benefits that go well beyond dancing with a prop.  This choreography will be continued in the fall and will be performed in the fall.  You CAN take this class and NOT perform this piece in the show.  Costume deposits will be due by Friday July 27 (more info forthcoming).   Veils will be made available for $30, payable with class registration.  If you are considering performing this piece in the show, please buy the veil as it may not be available for sale later.  If you are sure that you will not want to perform this piece in the show, you can use your own veil as long as you have a 3 yard chiffon or china silk veil.   Each class begins with core exercises.  Please see FAQ's below for what to bring as you'll need some accessories for class. 

PLEASE NOTE: All classes above beginner level require instructor permission (by email).

LOCATION: Hanover Rec Center (Richard W. Black Center), Hanover, NH

FAQs: See FAQ's page regarding foul weather, make-up classes and other issues.

WHAT TO BRING/WEAR: See FAQ's page. New Level 2 students will be asked to acquire a thick yoga mat to bring to each class for exercises.  Also bring finger cymbals as every class will warm up with finger cymbals.  

COST: $165 (+ $30 if you need the veil) in advance by check (please speak with me if you need a payment plan for class). Please postmark check by June 15 and send to: Gina Capossela, 2090 Moore Road, South Royalton, VT 05068. Please note that we cannot offer refunds, discounts for missed classes (although we encourage make-ups for this class in Beginner classes), transfers of registration/credit to other students, or refunds due to weather rescheduling.

OTHER QUESTIONS: Don't hesitate to email me with any other questions at info@ginadances.com or call me 802-282-2149. If I'm not available to take your call, please let me when and where is a good time to reach you.